What is this all about?

Great question.

When we started, Blogebrity was borne out of a simple need -- raw linkage. We entered a contest, we needed the most inbound links to win, and so we made a site that played off the ego-driven nature of the blogosphere to derive inbound links from the ego-stoking of the most active bloggers out there.

At that point, Blogebrity was a simple site made by simple people that explored the daily travails and "navel-gazing" world of the Blogosphere.

Today we have evolved from the days of a closed invite-only list, to a fully democratic popularity algorithm and ranking community. We want Blogebrity to be community driven, and iterative on a continuing basis -- by contributing today, you help shape how each and every blogger's popularity is perceived.


Who made you bastards the keepers of The List?

God (via Moses).

Honestly we have no clue...the desire to tell everyone some grandiose story about how we inherited this responsibility, but seriously users gave us everything you see today. So in essence YOU DID.


How do I get on The List?

Simply enter your site into our Blogebrity submit form and sit back and watch your popularity soar (or nose dive) as people add you to their A, B, C, or D list.


How do I move up The List?

We've built the Blogebrity List to mirror real-world blog success as much as possible. And as with any blogging success, it mostly comes down to writing good, original content regularly.

But it certainly doesn't hurt pass your profile link page along and get others to vote for you too. The Blogebrity List is 100% community driven, so your destiny is in truly your own hands.


Can I submit my friends to The List?

Sure, submit as many friends (or enemies...or even "frenemies") as you like/your carpal tunnel allows. You could even submit your Digg profiles, Facebooks, YouTubes, and Dogsters too.

Anyone with an online identity can be a Blogebrity.


How'd you come up with that ever-so-brilliant, in no way obvious name, Blogebrity?

How did Picasso paint, Leonardo sculp, or how did Einstein theorize MC2? Come on, that's one of them proprietary secrets.

All we can tell you is, it involved 32 patent-pending namebots and a lot of booze.


When is Blogebrity: The Magazine coming out?

Once we get enough support form the community, and the sweet, sweet advertiser cash to launch it. For now, the site will serve as our media outlet virtually, as is only fitting for a site about online notoriety.

Assuming the magazine industry doesn't completely collapse in on itself like a dying star, you might be able to get a paper cut from Blogebrity: The Magazine by somewhere around 2008/2009.


Didn't I see you guys in Time Magazine/CNN Headline News/Newsweek?


Yeah. Our mom still has it on the refrigerator.


Where's Nick Douglas?

We were just asking the same question. If you see him, have him drop us a line.